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We offer a range of classes for everybody – from the absolute beginner to experienced yogi.

Check out our different class styles below.


A class perfect for beginners and experienced yogis to learn the foundations of common poses found in most Flow classes (Slow Flow, Vinyasa etc), Sun Salutations, correct alignment, variations, breathing techniques and relaxation. This is the best place to start for those who have never practiced yoga before, or it has been a long time, or those wanting to refine their practice.


This class is great for beginners as well as more experienced students looking for a gentler and slower paced class than Vinyasa Flow. Poses are usually held for longer, and transitions are slower. With a focus on alignment and breath, this class will build strength and increase flexibility, whilst encouraging mindfulness in movement.


Build strength and flexibility with a slower stretching, and relaxation based class of Hatha Yoga. This class is gentler than the Vinyasa and Flow style classes, and suitable for all levels.


Yin yoga is a complementary practice to the more dynamic yang style classes (Vinyasa, Flow). Poses are mostly floor-based and are held for several minutes, targeting the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia), allowing for a deep and nourishing practice. Often with the use of props (bolsters, blocks, blankets), this class will help improve flexibility and leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Suitable for all levels.


A balanced class of yang and yin. Beginning with a Slow Flow practice to gently build heat and strength, then moving into a cooling Yin practice with longer holds to go deeper. This class will leave you feeling balanced and deeply relaxed. Suitable for all levels.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class that synchronises movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses. You will build strength, flexibility and mindful movement.
Vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered throughout the class.


This class introduces you to the Ashtanga practice. You will follow a set series of postures, using your breath to build strength, heat, and flexibility of body and mind. This class will build on the foundations of the sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures and inversions. Suitable for all levels, come and give it a try!


In this class we will be reading over different texts from all cultures, faiths and ways of life. Through self-enquiry and group discussion, seeing how these texts relate to each other and to all of us today, with the intention of finding new ways to bring us back to spirit and self.


Deep stretching using props, such as straps, blocks and the aid of spikey balls to get into those tight areas! Followed by a nourishing Yoga Nidra – taking you to a deep conscious state between waking and sleeping that will leave you feeling well rested and relaxed.


Meditation is a tool used to turn the focus of the mind inwards; to take the seat of the observer.

Through a guided practice, you will find yourself letting go of any stress and tension of the day. Classes will help you get back in touch with yourself and your own energy, giving you the ability to think clearly, and to stay calm and balanced in your day-to-day life.


Prana = vital energy

Yama = control
Pranayama = expansion of vital energy through the control of the breath.

In this class, you will practice of different types of controlled breathing techniques that are performed in a seated position. The techniques work firstly on helping to purify your respiratory system, and then to aid with healing of the body and mind.


The gentle, rhythmic movements and stances in Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. One of the more important long-term effects is that Qigong reestablishes the body/mind/soul connection.

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