Improve your physical
& mental health

We offer yoga classes that help you feel your best


Improve your physical
& mental health

We offer yoga classes that help you feel your best


Yogaharta is a Yoga and Wellness studio in the centre of Seaford just a short distance to the beaches of Seaford.
Our philosophy is to give everyone in the local community a place to cultivate a life of health and wellness in their bodies and minds.

We’re diverse and welcoming. That means you’ll roll out your mat next to someone you’actually want to talk to.


Yogaharta offers classes in 9 disciplines of Yoga and a range of wellness services.

Yoga classes

We offer daily yoga classes 7 days a week that vary from gentle and slow to fast paced vinyasa. Yogaharta also offers restorative and meditation classes as well as yin yoga.

Wellness Centre

Our wellness centre is our exclusive healing space. Our skilled and experienced team of therapists and healers are here to safely guide you into a process of deep healing.

Naturopathy, Massage, Sauna & Beauty

Wellness Centre

Welcome to our healing space. Our skilled and experienced team of therapists and healers are here to safely guide you into a process of deep healing.

What others have to say about Yogaharta

What a beautiful and embracing yoga studio. Special mention to Kaela’s classes, her clear and thoughtful guidance through movement, her timing and tone leave you feeling confidently held and still watching over each individual to offer tailored adjustment. I also look forward to the harmonium - like a mini soundbath.

Ana P

Yoga student

The minute you walk in the door you feel happy, because each instructor is bursting with joy! I teach French and spend a lot of time giving energy to others, so doing classes with Yogaharta helps replenish my own energy levels. I particularly love the Vinyasa flow, philosophy and yin classes. The online classes are also a wonderful option! Take some time out and do something for yourself!

Alex H

Yoga student

I love coming to Yogaharta, especially for the amazing workshops they run and the infrared sauna is one of the best I have been too. Heaps of session booking times, different heat variations, showers and all the things you need provided. I recommend going here to anyone!

Renee N

Yoga student & wellness client

This is THE best yoga studio I have ever been to!!! Not just a series of yoga poses but a complete holistic and spiritual experience. The energy in each class is so beautiful. I felt like I was finally coming home.... to self. The class prices are also very reasonable. I can't wait to become a permanent member after trying the 14 day special introductory offer.

Marcia B

Yoga student

I am absolutely loving Yogaharta! The studio is beautiful and I feel right at home. The staff have been so wonderful and from every class I walk away feeling good about my body and mind. I’m only 1 week in and can’t wait to get more classes under my belt and explore the different options Yogaharta has to offer!

Grace V

Yoga student

Fantastic atmosphere, all the instructors were friendly with a calming aura. The atmosphere truly allows you to relax and leave the outside world behind you- it's always a shame when the class is finished! My favourite yoga place yet!

Karen C

Yoga student

The most ambient studio I have ever practised in! Each teacher brings their style and I love it, I don't have a favourite. When you walk into the room you begin to instantly relax and connect, from singing bowls, to salt lamps, props, music and infra red heating the body is bliss. Affordable, comfortable so much diversity. 

Crystal S

Yoga student & wellness client

Yogaharta is a fantastic studio with a variety of classes to suit a range of needs. It was my first time practising yoga but there was enough variation/alternative options to allow me to have a go at everything. I also felt supported by the instructors who ensured I was following the moves correctly.

Caitlin H

Yoga student

Upcoming Events

Immersive and accessible yoga and wellness workshops, events, retreats, courses and trainings, for those looking to explore the deepest parts of self.

Caring teachers,
guiding you through every pose

Yogaharta is a non-competitive, community oriented, movement & healing space. We believe yoga should stretch across all socio-economic backgrounds, all genders, all body types and any age.

Ease your body’s
aches & pains

Take our yoga classes to relieve back pain, alleviate anxiety and find a deeper connection with your body.

Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within

Luxury without breaking the bank


Improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, detox your skin, boost your immunity and, above all, relax.


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Level 1, 8/42-44 Hartnett Dr
Seaford, Vic 3198
7 Days a week
6:00am to 8:30pm

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