Wellness Centre

Our Wellness Centre has three sections. Each one focuses on essentials services dedicated to your wellbeing.


Our Integrative Naturopath takes a holistic approach, lifestyle and dietary factors and environmental influences - all which can connect to impact health and wellbeing along with assisting in finding the root cause behind “dis-ease”.

While naturopathic medicine is particularly helpful in supporting people dealing with chronic health complaints, it can also deliver benefits in supporting acute conditions (cold and flus) and anyone interested in enhancing and optimising their wellbeing.

Beauty Therapy

Body Sugaring, Facials & Tinting with Miss Sugar Melbourne

Kasi is the owner of Miss Sugar Melbourne and has been a Beauty Therapist for over 24 years. After performing every service available in the beauty industry over the last two decades, Kasi decided to focus purely on Body Sugaring (hair removal) for the last eight years.

She felt so passionately about how amazing Sugaring is that she developed her own brand of Sugar Paste and started training other salons and therapists all over Australia in the art of Body Sugaring.

Miss Sugar Melbourne specialises in Body Sugaring and Organic Vegan Facials.

Note: Kasi takes bookings through her own website: misssugarmelbourne.com.au

Infrared Sauna

Unlike other heating methods that warm the air in the room (using hot rocks or steam), infrared actually heats you from the inside – just like the sun, but without the damaging UV rays.

Traditional saunas heat the air inside the room/cabin to a very high temperature to warm the body, and some people have difficulty breathing in such warm temperatures.

Using full spectrum (near, mid and far) rays, our infrared sauna heats you from the inside, allowing joints and muscular tissue to absorb the heat, resulting in a deeper, more beneficial detox.


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